Watch Jav Online Jav Online "Yuki" 19 years old who belonged to the underground idol group aiming at entertainers at Akihabara. I decided to debut AV as soon as I was about to be more famous. It is said that the man was touched by a man who does not like past experiences only once. During shooting, the actor said excitement like something exciting and answered "I like it!" "Director's instructions!" "Married!" A stunning natural looking answer (lol) The impact's debut work in its eyes Get burned!秋葉原で芸能人を目指して地下アイドルグループに所属していた「ゆき」19歳。もっと有名になりたいと20歳を目前にAVデビューを決意。過去の経験は1回だけ好きでもない男性に身体を触られた位とのこと。撮影中は男優さんが興奮する様なエッチな事を言ってとの監督の指示に「好き!」「結婚して!」と答える見事な天然っぷり(笑)衝撃のデビュー作をその目に焼き付けろ! by